School furniture company ‘Presikhaaf Schoolmeubelen’ does much more than just furnishing schools – we develop and realise inspiring, safe and durable learning environments. Closely following trends and developments in education, ergonomics and durability allows us to stay one step ahead. That makes us a perfect partner for school teams and architects. What distinguishes Presikhaaf Schoolmeubelen most is that over 70% of our employees have an incapacity for work. Conducting business in a socially involved and responsible manner are elements embedded in our corporate philosophy.

About presikhaaf

About presikhaaf

Furniture manufacturer, setup & layout specialist for schools

Our children grow up with Presikhaaf School Furniture because we furnish pre-schools, primary schools and schools for secondary education. Furnishing a school involves far more than making a practical layout for a classroom. Not only do we design classroom layouts, we also focus on the school’s organisational structure and how we can support the vision of the school. We do this while creating a safe, attractive and inspiring learning environment for students and teaching staff.

Presikhaaf School Furniture is a company that focuses exclusively on the setup of schools, which includes layout and furniture design. Our educational layout experts and interior designers work closely with the school team and architect to develop wonderful learning environments.


Presikhaaf School Furniture has CSR and socially involved enterprise in its DNA

Presikhaaf School Furniture began making school furniture more than 45 years ago as a small business unit attached to a sheltered workshop. Today, we are extremely proud of our ultra-modern factory in Arnhem (NL) specialising in producing school furniture through the efforts of a very great number of people with a physical condition limiting their ability to perform work. School furniture must meet a multitude of specific requirements in terms of safety, ergonomics and durability. In Arnhem, we don’t just manufacture school furniture; we develop it as well. Our specialists closely follow trends and developments in education, ergonomics and durability, and design furniture that meets all of the conditions.

More than 70% of Presikhaaf School Furniture employees have a condition that limits their ability to work and these employees originate from Sheltered and Social Employment schemes or the Target Group Register of the Dutch Participation Act. Our people work with lots of passion and craftsmanship in a secure, customised work environment producing the best, most durable and beautiful school furniture. Besides our complete specialisation in the field of education, our commitment to both Socially Involved Enterprise and Corporate Social Responsibility make our company totally unique.

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