Health and wellbeing

Your employees are central to all our workplace innovations and design planning. Their health, wellbeing and performance will continue to gain importance, making offices even more vital.

Health and Wellbeing

Health and Wellbeing

Business leaders are constantly reviewing costs, technology and staff incentives as a means to better their performance. The most successful leaders are already turning their attention towards the opportunities that are available through improved workplace dynamics with a focus on wellbeing. However, too few are realising the enormous contribution that workplace design can make to their business strategy.

Your employees are central to all our workplace innovations and design planning. A company that ignores the needs of their employees, is in danger of ending up with a beautiful building but a discontented workforce. We are inspired by the BREEAM and Dutch Green Building Company standards. The needs of your employees go beyond indoor walking trails, table tennis and sit-stand desks. Air quality, natural light, thermal comfort, acoustics and ergonomics all have the ability to enhance productivity, increase employee satisfaction and reduce absenteeism.

Today’s employees spend more than 90% of their time inside the artificial environments of buildings and as a result they are starting to expect a lot more from their employers. Employees welcome the ability and flexibility to be able to seek out quiet places, to have personal services such as fitness and laundry, or to dress comfortably, regardless of the season. All this combines to improve their working experience, contributing to their health, wellbeing and performance.

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