Founded in 1896, Royal Ahrend is an international leader in office furniture committed to delivering highly collaborative and sustainable working environments to end users around the world.

Our heritage

Our heritage

Royal Ahrend has been in business since 1896. Our unique heritage shapes the way we do business today.

What started as a small family business over 120 years ago is now one of Europe’s largest and most sustainable office furniture companies. We are very proud of our family of four innovative brands with a combined heritage of over 300 years.

Not yet an adult, Jacobus Ahrend, established Ahrend in 1896 with help of his mother. He started working at home in Amsterdam where he bought an office in 1897. His company grew quickly and by 1913 had already established affiliates outside Amsterdam. Meanwhile, his product range expanded and by 1926 he had launched his first furniture range. Wooden furniture was manufactured within the Ahrend factory ‘De Globe’, however, from the 1930s onwards, Ahrend became more involved with the manufacturers of steel furniture. These manufacturers, Oda and ‘De Cirkel’, were included in the Ahrend Group in 1967 when the product range of office furniture expanded even further. On March 25 1996 Ahrend celebrated its 100th anniversary. Ahrend proudly received the predicate ‘Royal’ by her Majesty the Queen. As a result of this the Ahrend logo was redesigned to include a small crown. Nowadays, the Royal Ahrend company consists of a portfolio of four well recognized brands: Ahrend, Gispen, Presikhaaf and TECHO.

Innovation has been always been a part of our DNA. Our design classics such as our Revolt, Result, Mehes, Gispen 412 and Giso lamps have continuously kept us ahead of the competition. All these products are paragons for innovation, design and quality, which is why they are showcase in museums around the world.

The products we design seem so simple, and that is precisely their strength. No unnecessary detail. Minimalistic, yes. Timeless: absolutely. Our philosophy has always been – what must be functional should also be beautiful. By eliminating details, only their essence remains: functional, sustainable design. Royal Ahrend continues to collaborate with revered designers such as Willem Hendrik Gispen, Wim Rietveld, Friso Kramer, Rolf Hay, Frans de la Haye, Richard Hutten and Wim Quist, all of whom have all helped create these timeless products.

The collective heritage and shared values that brought us together continue to guide our ambition to be the international leader in creating and providing inspiring and highly collaborative workspaces that excel in durability, ergonomics and flexibility. Consequently, contributing positively to people’s health, wellbeing and performance.