Ahrend and Strukton Worksphere introduce a new level of comfort and energy-efficiency in the workplace

août 2017

Ahrend and Strukton Worksphere introduce a new level of comfort and energy-efficiency in the workplace

Strukton Worksphere and Ahrend signed an agreement, bringing together two independent innovations; Strukton PULSE and the Ahrend Comfort Workstation. By joining forces, we will create and develop sustainable and productive real estate solutions for offices together. The main principles of this proof-of-concept are energy conservation, a simpler installation concept for the owner of the building and comfort for the individual user.

Data is key for state-of-the-art living and working environments. Strukton PULSE brings together the data of technology, people and environment. This prevents malfunctions, prolongs the life span of the environment and reduces energy consumption and maintenance costs. The result is a pleasant and comfortable environment. The Ahrend Comfort Workstation is a highly innovative desk with an integrated high-tech solution. Everything in this desk is completely personalisable with sit-stand solutions, biodynamic lighting and climate; all based on a digital ergonomic passport.

In this proof-of-concept, we connect Strukton PULSE with the Ahrend Comfort Workstation. The expected result? A more comfortable experience in both the workplace and the work environment, as well as a lower energy consumption. Energy consumption can be reduced by up to 25%, because the climate in the work environment is adjustable on a personal level and only those work stations that are in use will be climate-controlled. So, allowing employees to adjust the workplace based on personal preferences, has a beneficial effect on performance and reduces absenteeism. In the long term, benefits are a simpler installation concept for revitalization and savings on (replacement) maintenance. The proof-of-concept runs until the end of 2017.

Evert Lemmen, CEO Strukton Workspere: ‘Innovation is something that one cannot do alone. You have to dare to cross your own borders and bring new innovative ideas along with the co-operation of partners. This results in a more sustainable and healthy work and living environment. This is what we believe in at Strukton Worksphere.’

Eugène Sterken, CEO Royal Ahrend: ‘Innovation is not a goal in itself. In the end, it is about creating added value for our customers. This strategic partnership enables us to integrate our smart Comfort Workstation into the ecosystem of the building. In this way, our customers can realise energy savings and improve people’s wellbeing.’


About Strukton Worksphere

Strukton Worksphere, a subsidiary of Strukton, creates a healthy, safe, comfortable and sustainable environment in which people can stay, work and travel by deploying knowledge, technology and innovation. Strukton Worksphere: clever technology for modern life.


About Strukton PULSE

Strukton PULSE enables a healthy, safe and comfortable environment for personal needs. In a sustainable way. Based on actual data. The difference between management and control; Strukton PULSE.


TKI ImPeKt project

In March 2017, the pilot phase of the project known as the TKI ImPeKt project (ImPeKt: Implementation of Personal Climate) began. In this project, Ahrend collaborates with Abel Delft, Trilux, TNO, TU Delft, ING and Sodexo in order to develop and test a prototype for a personal climate-control system. The ImPeKt project will be supported by a ‘Top sector’ fiscal energy allowance from the Ministry of Economic Affairs.


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