“Think global, act local” is a much-used phrase. For Royal Ahrend it means being where our customer is, having a local presence, speaking in their own language, and, crucially, having quality products and services which meet all their specific needs.



We are an international provider of healthy, inspiring and highly collaborative work environments, interacting directly with our customers. By offering single source supply and tailored local services we unburden our customer throughout their journey in creating a great place to work.

In order to succeed globally, we directly support our customers. We can guarantee operational excellence through:

  • Directly managing our entire supply chain
  • Outstanding worldwide distribution performance
  • Single source supply, including direct access to major third party design products and services
  • Expertise in the field of Space Planning, Activity Based Working, Office Lifestyles, Acoustics and Ergonomics
  • Outstanding product quality
  • Extensive market coverage including corporates, government, education and healthcare
  • Policies which exceed European and global standards in sustainability, health, safety and ergonomics

Understanding and delivering in a relevant, local context is a fundamental part of the management of our effective customer experience. Our supply chain acts locally, and is therefore a perfect tailored solution for our local markets. We know these elements are a real differentiator and make us a reliable and trusted partner in Europe, Middle East and Africa.

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