Global competence centres

Our dedicated experts ensure operational excellence and fully support customers through our highly flexible and reliable supply chain.

Global competence centres

Global competence centres

We do not see ourselves solely as a manufacturer, but much more as an international provider, through our designs, products and services, of inspiring highly collaborative and productive work environments.

We can guarantee operational excellence and unburden our customers through:

  • Directly managing our entire supply chain and buying at source
  • Outstanding worldwide distribution performance
  • Single source supply, including direct access to major third party design products and services
  • Expertise in the field of Space Planning, Activity Based Working, Office Lifestyles, Acoustics and Ergonomics
  • Policies which exceed European and global standards in sustainability, health, safety and ergonomics

Our production sites have enabled us to become a trusted, reliable and flexible supply partner for our customers. The work environments we provide are manufactured in five competence centres located in the Netherlands, Czech Republic and Asia. Our expertise is brought together at different locations in order to accelerate and enhance innovation and ease and safeguard operational excellence. Our five competence centres are outstanding in the manufacturing of metal based products and chairs, soft seating and upholstery, recycling and school furniture and wood. We also have our single assembly locations for each individual brand.

Royal Ahrend continues to drive innovation and reduce its environmental impact by investing in production sites and product development.

Our dedicated experts provide a flexible and reliable supply chain that is highly supportive to your local and global needs. We have built our reputation by exceeding customers’ expectations by delivering high quality, value for money products and services on time, globally.