100 years of Gispen!

December 2016

100 years of Gispen!

Gispen will celebrate its 100th anniversary on September 4, 2016. To celebrate this memorable event, Gispen will publish an anniversary book and organise a number of remarkable exhibitions and activities. Various museums have offered to take part.


The centenary celebrations have inspired Gispen to do something out of the ordinary: reflecting on the past. Normally Gispen only tends to look forward, to the future. And it has been that way ever since Willem Hendrik Gispen took over a forge in Rotterdam on September 4, 1916. Gispen converted this forge into a modern steelworks in a relatively short period of time. In Culemborg, the steelworks evolved into an innovative company that specialises in office-, educational-, care sector and home furnishings. Gispen is commemorating its 100th anniversary in many different ways. Follow the numerous activities and exclusive giveaways via social media, www.gispen.nl and the Gispen newsletter (subscribe via our website).

The ‘We are Gispen’ book

Who are the people behind the Gispen brand? Gispen owes its success to the know-how and commitment of its employees, designers, suppliers, clients and thinkers. They are also responsible for all the new ideas, projects and products. Their stories can be read in the ‘We are Gispen’ book. These stories combined give a great impression of the company’s character. The first copy shall be presented to Ahmed Aboutaleb, the mayor of Rotterdam, during the book launch party on September 16.

Retailing at € 29.95 and available in stores from September 17.

Boijmans van Beuningen: ‘Gispen Specials’ exhibition

Visitors of the ‘Gispen Specials – The Customer is Always Right’ exhibition at the Boijmans Van Beuningen museum will get to admire some of Gispen’s hidden beauties. The museum selected over seventy special and limited production models. These designs are representative of the quality and the versatility the company had (and still has) to offer, which made Dutch Design famous all around the world. Almost all of the exhibited models were custom orders from clients who wanted something special at the time.

Get the full experience with the well-illustrated ‘Gispen Specials – The Customer is Always Right’-catalogue. A handy booklet (224 pages) consisting of a comprehensive overview of all the specials.
Available for € 11.95 at the museum entrance or in the shop.

The models are on display from 10 September 2016 up until 26 February 2017.