Ahrend installs more than 5,000 m² of solar panels

June 2016

Ahrend installs more than 5,000 m² of solar panels

This summer, Dutch solar energy supplier KiesZon will place 2,500 solar panels on top of the roof of Ahrend’s factory in Sint-Oedenrode. The total amount of solar panels covers 5,000 m², which together represent a saving equivalent to the annual energy consumption of 140 households each year.

Ahrend’s objective is to produce CO2 neutrally in 2020 and has worked on reducing energy consumption since 1990. For instance, Ahrend has installed heat pumps, improved insulation in the different buildings, purchased energy-saving machinery and fluorescent lights have been replaced with LED lights. These initiatives have resulted in a water saving of 93% and an 85% reduction in the CO2 footprint. The installation of 2,500 solar panels will be added to this list of initiatives. The proceeds of this project are estimated at 500,000 kWh. This is a saving of 270 tons CO2 emissions each year.

Diana Seijs, Coordinator CSR and Sustainability of Ahrend, dares to say that nearly all processes are fully optimised, since Ahrend is an active participant in the ‘Long-Term Agreement on Energy Efficiency’. “We have looked at renewable energy sources in order to take another step in this direction. Considering the large roof area of the manufacturing plant in Sint-Oedenrode, investing in solar panels is an obvious choice and a suitable and sustainable energy generator. Moreover, the installation of solar panels improves the indoor climate and contributes to employees wellbeing.”

Ahrend contributes significantly in using renewable energy

Last week, statistics Netherlands (CBS) announced that the renewable energy consumption in the Netherlands has barely increased. The growth of renewable energy production needs to increase significantly in order to reach the agreed levels in 2020 as stated in the Energy Agreement of 2013. The objective is to have a renewable energy rate of 14% in 2020. With this comprehensive project Ahrend contributes significantly in using renewable energy in the Netherlands.

The solar panels will be installed this summer and are fully operational in September.

Long-Term Agreements on Energy Efficiency

Since 1992 the government has long-term agreements with a large number of sectors to improve energy efficiency. The Long-Term Agreement on Energy Efficiency (LTA) is a voluntary – but not non-binding – agreement between government, industry and institutions to improve the energy efficiency of products, services and processes and thereby reduce the use of fossil fuels. In this context, the LTA has been made for the effectiveness and efficiency of energy use. With the result that the amount of required energy per unit or for each service decreases. LTA covers activities within the company and in the chain, and  sustainable energy. With the LTA3 agreement, the Ministry of Economy contributes to the achievement of 20% CO2 reduction in 2020 and to achieve the energy reduction targets in the Energy Agreement. Ahrend has been a member of the LTA for nearly 20 years.


KiesZon finances and develops solar projects to companies, real estate funds, government (national and local) housing associations and schools. Additionally, KiesZon facilitates among other solar actions for Greenchoice and ‘Vereniging  Eigen Huis’  (an association for people in the Netherlands that want to buy or bought a house) KiesZon distinguishes itself through offering an Operational Lease concept for solar power installations, with the result that renewable energy is within easy reach of everyone. KiesZon is part of International Solar BV.


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