A unique integration that leads to a comfortable and energy efficient workstation

December 2017

A unique integration that leads to a comfortable and energy efficient workstation

In July this year, Strukton Worksphere and Ahrend signed an agreement for bringing together two independent innovations; Strukton PULSE and the Ahrend Comfort Workstation. The expected result is a more comfortable experience in both the workplace and the work environment, as well as a lower energy consumption. How is the proof-of-concept going so far?

The innovations have been connected; therefore the digital measurement of the workplace and work environment officially started. For example, sensors can gauge the influence of the Workstations’ climate control on the overall climate as well as the energy consumption. The use of workstations and energy consumption is displayed in PULSE.

In addition, daily surveys are conducted among users. These surveys provide insight into which climate conditions the workplaces are perceived as comfortable. This data will be compared with the results from other pilots, and eventually show the actual effects from the Comfort Workstation. This information enables us to validate the added value of the Comfort Workstation.


Data provides insight
Insight into the actual effects of the Comfort Workstation in the building helps to demonstrate the expectations in terms of comfort improvement and energy savings. Based on all collected data from the proof-of-concept, it is possible to create an energy bill for the entire building. The proof-of-concept runs until the end of 2017.


Comfort Workstation and PULSE
The objective of the joint innovation is to increase the comfort experience and to reduce the energy consumption. In the longer term, the objective is a simpler installation concept and a saving on (replacement) maintenance.