Our Company is committed to conducting business on a daily basis with total integrity, honesty, loyalty with respect for our values. This commitment is laid down in the Royal Ahrend Code of Business Conduct.

code of conduct

code of conduct

Message from the Board of Directors to all employees

Over the last two years Koninklijke Ahrend B.V. has expanded its group siginificantly with the acquisitions of Roels, Presikhaaf and Gispen. Growth also means a growing number of employees at different locations, more diverse activities and an expansion of the international business and so forth. In order for that growth to be sustainable and to become the international leader in creating and providing inspiring and highly collaborative working environments that excel in durability, ergonomics and flexibility we need to be clear on how we conduct our business.

Royal Ahrend attaches great importance to proper working practices both within the Company itself and with its partners. Our Code, together with our underlying policies, describes what Royal Ahrend expects from all its employees, everywhere and at all times. We are a trusted Company and want to win and sustain business, based on our leading expertise in design, ergonomics and functionality, by creating innovative concepts and services for vital workplaces where the users feel inspired, healthy and happy.

Our number one priority is our customer and at Royal Ahrend we are committed to exceed their expectations at all times through our international direct sales and services network. We will achieve our goals with integrity, honesty, loyalty and respect for the law and our Code of Business Conduct. Our employees should learn, share knowledge and collaborate in an open and honest way. We want you to be committed to achieving excellent results in your work with a no-nonsense approach and to keep on developing yourself. Initiative and a proactive attitude are encouraged. You have the responsibility to understand our Code of Business Conduct and related documents and to comply with the letter and spirit of our Code and to help others to do the same.

If there is any doubt about how to act or behave, it is absolutely essential before taking any action to first discuss this with your colleague, your manager, confidential advisor, HR or legal department. We want you to be transparant and to speak up when you perceive or suspect violations of our Code.

Please familiarise yourself with our Code, as Royal Ahrend’s commercial success and good reputation depend on each one of you acting in accordance with our Code.

In this way we wil remain a reliable and constructive partner for our customers, employees, shareholdes, suppliers and other stakeholders.


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Eugène Sterken
Chief Executive Officer

Rolf Verspuij
Chief Financial & Operating Officer

Jirka Kejval
Non-Executive Board member