Social entrepeneurship

At Royal Ahrend, people are at the core of our Corporate Social Responsibility policy. We embrace and strive for social objectives where social value creation plays a central role. Examples which embrace our social objectives include Presikhaaf School Furniture and our Ahrend Fund.

supported employment

supported employment

Presikhaaf School Furniture – supported employment

In 2015, our sustainable partnership with Presikhaaf Companies emerged from the Participation Act. The objective of the partnership is to help those with disabilities, who are unable to successfully gain or retain employment on their own, to enter the labour force with dignity and inclusion with others in society. The beauty of supported employment for our colleagues with disabilities is that it elevates them into the mainstream of society.

Through this partnership we combine the production of innovative school furniture with social policy. In total, 180 disabled employees of Presikhaaf School Furniture work for Royal Ahrend.

This acquisition and collaboration fits perfectly with our policy to cooperate with companies that commit to support people, within the target group of the Participation Act, to participate in the regular work process.


Ahrend Fund

Ahrend Fund


The Ahrend Fund part of the Prince Bernhard Culture Fund

Royal Ahrend has had its own culture fund since 1997. The fund aims to encourage talent by financially supporting designers and artists.

The Ahrend Fund is part of the Prince Bernard Culture Fund, an advocate for culture, nature and science in the Netherlands and beyond. The Ahrend Fund was the first Culture Fund created in the name of a company and aims to financially support special initiatives in the field of industrial and interior design.


Royal Ahrend stands for timeless and sustainable design, based on the idea that design is not a trend but a tradition. Styling and design are key to Royal Ahrend’s thinking and actions. This is reflected not only in both our design concepts and our products, but also in our contribution to the development of talent. Setting up the Ahrend Fund is therefore an excellent way to provide financial resources for special initiatives in the field of industrial design and interior design.

Furthermore, the Ahrend Fund fits perfectly within our CSR policy. With the fund we convert our social engagement into action and we encourage new and sustainable developments. It is an investment in the future of design and thus, indirectly, in the future of Royal Ahrend itself.



Are you a young designer, artist or architect and would you like to apply for the Ahrend Fund? Please click here ( ) for more information (in Dutch).